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Kickasstorrents is five years old and still growing

This torrent index with a bit of funny name was established in 2008. Now after five years of existence, it is rated as TOP 3 torrent engine – yes, it is Kickasstorrents. It offers people to download files shared by others via the Bittorrent protocol. As it does not host these files in any server, it uses torrent files and magnet links to pass on data. Like most of public engines, this torrent site is of course free to use for anyone. There is no registration necessary to access content on their website. According to Alexa rank the website is sitting on number 113 in October 2013, but with the positive tendency of moving up.

kat-community02Community holds it up

Kickasstorrent is known for its friendly and helpful community. Users there review data to filter bad torrents from good ones and let others know that also. Therefore it is an engine with growing community which makes it so good and popular. The website’s appearance is really nice and search results offer recommendations and feedback.

But everything has not always been so nice regarding Kickasstorrent. It is no big secret that all the movie and music industries would be happier without such source, and therefore the torrent tracker has been suffering from many copyright accusations. In June 2013 it lost its domain and the website was moved to a new one which is active to this day. Despite being online, this website is blocked by ISPs in Belgium and United Kingdom.

Works as any other torrent source

On the whole, Kickasstorrent works like any other similar tracker by providing people links to torrent files and magnet links. Then any person can search and choose whatever one likes and download it to hard drive using a bittorrent client for the process. After a file has been downloaded from various sources all over the globe, the person can decide whether he also wants to seed it along to others. The more seeders there are for a file, the faster one gets to download it.
Basically, there is nothing hard about the system, as it just shares people’s files through the bittorrent protocol. And there is nothing bad or illegal about, until copyrighted materials begin to bloom all over the internet. This upsets MPAA and other agencies that fight against online piracy, though people sometimes refer it to as fighting against online freedom. As long as there will be music and movies produced, there will be people sharing it and they want to do it online as it is the easiest method. On the other hand, as long as people will do it, there will be those producers and agencies trying to stop it, so in the end it is a never ending story.