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Ashampoo Burning Studio Review – features of the top CD burning tool

ashampoo-cd-burning-tool-90It is important to download good disk burning software with easy interface. Ashampoo burning studio is introduced to meet your exact requirements. It is a perfect solution, if you are finding the CD and DVD burning programs to be a little complex.

Ashampoo studio 14 is an efficient, simple and easy to use CD and DVD burning software application. The new and upgraded version is available at an affordable cost of $50. However, the basic Ashampoo tool costs only $30. The basic application focuses on burning discs and nothing else.

The features of the basic version of this software are:

  • It will easily burn your photos, videos, music files, DVD, CD etc.
  • Not only this, it will create duplicates of DVDs and CDs
  • It makes the creating and browsing of the disc images much simpler
  • You could easily create audio disks
  • You could create high definition quality movies and slideshows.
  • You simply have to press a button to create backup of mobile devices
  • The file encryption option will allow you to protect the sensitive data

What all is added to the new version

The latest version of this software application Ashampoo burning studio 9.24 has advanced features. It supports all the apple tablets like iPod, iPad and android smartphones. Now, there is no need to copy files manually from your Smartphone to your computer. You simply have to connect your mobile with computer using USB cable and click on the Ashampoo software to complete the task. It will perform the disc ripping for you. Under this task, it will find the perfect artwork for the tracks. The audio CD ripper will store your audios in WMA and MP3 formats.

Some of the features are:

  • Password protection
  • Multiple enhancement options
  • The smart file chooser

The excellent disc encryption feature will make sure that your data remains private. Nobody except you can access the data. Multiple enhancements available with this latest version of the software will make your life much convenient. The smart file chooser option will show only those folders and files, which are important for the present task. Virtual tree structure is another important enhancement used to view folders.

Other features you could consider

It has many other added benefits too. For example, you could verify the disk without ejecting it. There is a restore menu in this advanced version, which will restore all your system’s data to the original location. There is an entirely new option in this advanced version. You could create copies of the discs you want to burn. The advanced version comes with password protection feature. You could protect all the backup data be it media, audio or files with a powerful password protection.

There are many other useful applications such as Imgburn, burn aware free, Nero multimedia suite, but many users recommend Ashampoo burning studio over others. It will take you few minutes to download it online and further install it. However, before finalizing this software you could thoroughly check customers’ feedback.